Are you ready to create your own life rather than trudging through an exhausting life where you mostly react to what others want?

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For far too long, your worth has been based on how much you do for others. You’ve felt alone and wondered who is looking out for you as you look after everyone else.

You’ve spent years helping people with what they need because, deep down, you hoped that by serving others you’d finally be loved for who you are and truly love yourself.

You’ve hoped that: 

  • the time and energy you’ve given to others would fill your own cup…because you love them and want to help them
  • they’d reciprocate by lifting you up and helping you, too, because they care about you
  • you’d finally be wanted…not for what you do but for who you are!


However, you ended up feeling drained and exhausted. You’ve even felt physical pain (e.g., sickness, headaches, backaches, etc) and emotional pain such as loneliness and fear of rejection.

You know it’s in your best interest to say NO to being everything to everyone. Yet, you can’t shake the feeling that if you do say NO, you won’t be loved anymore, will be judged, and will lose the people you care about.

Believe me, I get it!

I’ve had the awakening you’re experiencing, and I’m now a recovering people pleaser. I craved not feeling like a burnt-out burden and an exhausted doormat. I longed for my people to care about me because of my characteristics not because I provided them with what they needed. I wanted someone to care about what I needed, too.

I desired to serve others because I wanted to…not because I felt like I had to in order to be truly accepted and loved. I wanted meaningful relationships where I belonged…not just fit into others’ expectations. That wasn’t happening as long as I remained a people pleaser.

You’re here because you’ve learned that the depth at which you help others is crushing your spirit…because you’ve realized that your worth is based on it. It’s an awful feeling!

You’ve noticed the toll it has taken on your health and well-being. In fact, you’ve realized that your own needs are the last thing you act on, or they’re forgotten entirely. (That sucks!) You’ve gotten to the point that you’re tired of being a people pleaser and enough is enough.

Are you ready to stop being a people pleaser (i.e., giving your whole self based on what others need and want) and start living in your main-character energy (i.e., creating your own life and loving yourself in the process)?

I've overcome many barriers in my life and found peace.

Working with Lindsay is very revealing in the best of ways. What I’ve learned has helped me overcome many barriers in my life. It not only helped me better communicate but also find peace in myself and know how I can take control in my life. It’s so worth it!

– Julie

I can better express myself and confidently address others.

Mentoring from Lindsay is like listening to an awesome TED Talk! I learn so much, and now I can apply the content to my life. It brings understanding and clarity in all my relationships. Now, I can better express myself and more confidently address others. 

– Ashley

Imagine finally creating your life rather than exhaustedly moving through life reacting to what others need and want. 

Your value is not based on what you do; you are worthwhile for being YOU. You deserve to be loved and wanted for who you are, not for what you offer.

The time is now. Find your own voice, create healthy boundaries, communicate better, and build safe spaces for yourself and future generations.